TREND ALERT: Hair Scarves

I love seeing what all the latest trends are. It’s always fun to check out what’s new and figure out what fits your style! One trend that I’m totally obsessing over right now is hair scarves! I think they are just the perfect way to bring a whole look together or even give an outfit that extra touch. I also love that you can wear them so many different ways. Which is exactly what brings me to this blog post. Today I’m sharing how to style hair scarves while also including my favorite recent purchases, as well as some additional ones that I currently have in my cart!

Style 1: Side Low Pony

Simply pull your hair that is already down into a pony to the side. Once you’ve done that, use your scarf scrunchy to secure the hair. I chose this fun floral print scarf that has unfortunately sold out, but there are a few other options available!


Style 2: High Pony

Again, start by gathering all of your hair into a pony tail. Only this time, gather it in the back and up high. Use a hair tie to secure the pony, then add your scarf. I’ve linked a super similar leopard scarf here. Can’t go wrong with leopard print, amiright?!


Style 3: Fun Bun

Bring your hair into a bun at the top of your head and then slide a head wrap on - these even help to hold any baby hairs into place. I chose this pink striped one from Francesca’s which is unfortunately no longer available but they do have a pretty blue one now!


Style 4: Halfsies

Start by dividing your hair in half. You can bring the top half into a baby bun like pictured below. Or you can have it down as a regular pony. Secure the top portion of hair with a hair tie. Then add your scarf around it. I’ve linked a similar polka dot option here.


There are SO many different head wraps and scarves to choose from right now. It seems as if a lot of the ones I featured in my photos sold out already.. ugh, SORRY Y’ALL! But, there are lots of other options linked below and a lot of them are similar. I’ve also included quite a few that are different prints and that I plan to purchase as well!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!