Blanket Scarves | Where to buy them + how to style

Blanket scarves are something that just never go out of style (Taylor Swift reference..hehe.) They can instantly change the whole dynamic of an outfit but they’re also dual purpose because they also keep you cozy during those cold days!

I’ve managed to collect quite a few over the last year and I’m excited to share my picks. While I couldn’t link all of the exact ones that are pictured, I did link as many as possible. I also included some new favorites!

The best places to get them, in my opinion, are Amazon and Target. Those two stores are by far the most affordable and provide you with lots of options. Target even has some to choose from in their dollar section which where I got the Black & White one that I chose to style below!

I love these scarves from Amazon. I purchased three colors last fall - Green Check, Ivory and Yellow! I currently have the Ivory Tartan on my wishlist. Also, everyone need a good leopard print scarf in their wardrobe! The one pictured is from Old Navy but unfortunately no longer available. I did however find a very similar one from none other than Amazon!


Now, let’s get into the styling of blanket scarves. There are so many ways to do this but I tend to do mine the same every time.

First, start by folding your scarf diagonally. Then, cross the ends behind your neck. Next, bring the ends back around and tuck them under. Lastly, “fluff” it out. Quick, easy and adorable end result!


How do y’all like to style your blanket scarves?! I’m always open to new ways! Let me know below and happy styling!