That’s right, WE’RE MOVING Y’ALL! I can’t believe I’m even writing this right now because this time last year, I definitely didn’t think that this is something that would really be happening. But, it is and I want to answer all of your questions about it! The why, the where, the when and even tell you a little bit about how I feel.

  1. Why: Alan was offered a new position within his company and we felt as if the opportunity could not be passed up.

  2. Where: As you can see in the photos, we are moving to the New York/Massachusetts area. The job is actually in a place called Pittsfield, Massachusetts but we are likely going to live in Albany, New York. We haven’t quite finalized those details yet but I will update as I know more!

  3. When: We anticipate to move sometime in early April.

  4. How I feel: Oh man. Grab a glass of wine or cup of coffee because I have a whole lot of feelings about this.. I’m super excited but also rather sad. The best word for it would be bittersweet. The idea of moving to a new place is exciting. I’ve moved before but this time feels different. I think because the first time I moved was due to Alan getting military orders and this time it is more by choice. Willingly leaving the only place I’ve ever really known, the place where I grew up and where my family lives, makes me sad. However, I can’t wait to explore a new area and experience a change of pace. Alan and I have talked many times about how we wouldn’t stay in Georgia forever and that we wanted to live in different place. I guess we just didn’t expect it to happen right now, especially after only purchasing our first home a little over a year and a half ago. But, everything happens for a reason! And we are thrilled to be moving to an area that is near so many surrounding states and cities that we’ve been dying to travel to!

  5. What this means for blogging/Instagram: I will continue to blog and be active on Instagram. Things may slow down a tad bit as the move gets closer since the whole moving process will need to be my main focus. Otherwise, things should be as normal. I will say that I am super saddened by the thought of loosing the community that I’ve found in Jacksonville. Becoming apart of North Florida Influencers and getting to know so many amazing bloggers through it has been such a blessing! I honestly don’t think my journey would of been the same without them. I can only hope that I am able to find or create something similar in our new area!

I hope this answered any questions anyone may have had! I do want to say that overall, we are super excited and can’t wait to see what this adventure holds for us!