How To: Hot Cocoa

You’re probably wondering, how do I serve the cutest hot cocoa tray possible? At least that’s what went through my head when I saw these mugs on Amazon and the cutest stir sticks at Target. It may be the blogger in me but I knew hot cocoa was a must have for the holiday season and what better way to enjoy it than with the cutest toppings and mugs?

First, you’ll need to start by picking up some hot cocoa mix at your local grocery store. While you’re there, go ahead and grab a bag of mini marshmallows, festive sprinkles and some candy canes!

Next, go to a nearby Target to find some stir sticks and toppers. I chose the Mini Marshmallow + White Chocolate Stirrer stick, the Chocolate Dipped Cookie Stirrer Stick with Peppermint and the Snowflake Marshmallow Shaped Toppers - all super yummy and affordable!

Now, if you’d like to make your hot cocoa tray aesthetically pleasing, use a pretty serving tray and then add some additional “flare.” When I say flare, I mean pop in cute paper straws and plastic stir sticks. I chose this tray and these paper straws - both from Target! The plastic stirrers I used are old but these ones from Amazon are just as cute and festive!

Lastly, ENJOY!


Hot Cocoa is a staple for the holidays and I hope this post inspires you to create your own kind of Hot Cocoa set up! Shirt is from Old Navy. Shop it here.